Making Painting a Priority

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People often asked me how I manage to find time for painting with a full time job and as a mother of two girls ages fifteen and nine. The short answer is, I have made painting a priority in my life.

So here are my top three ways to get out and paint more.

Join a group of artists that share your passion for painting. This is a great way to meet other artists, share ideas, go on painting outings and be a part of group exhibitions. In 2016, I founded the meetup group, Plein Air Round Rock. This group enables me to meet other artists and go out painting at least once a month. 

Allow yourself to take personal days off work for participating in plein air events, workshops or painting trips. Workshops grow your craft, no matter if you are experienced or only beginning. Plein air competitions generally last three days to a week.  At the these events, I am totally engrossed in painting with no distractions. I meet other artists and have the opportunity to show and sell my work. 

And lastly, when you go on family vacations, take your painting equipment with you. Find a few hours to go off and paint. My family recently took a road trip with friends up to Missouri.  We spent the first three nights at Montauk State Park and I was able to sneak away and paint twice while there.  These are some of my favorite moments of the entire trip.  Surrounded by tall trees, losing their last autumn leaves, the sounds of a babbling river nearby, I was completely engrossed in nature.  The paintings I took home captured the place and time, a solid memory from my time spent there. 

One day, when I no longer have to work a full time job, I will spend more time doing what I love best. As for now, I will make time for painting every chance that I get.  So next time that you have a few hours to spare and the weather outside is calling you, pack up your painting gear and head out in search of that next painting.

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